It’s not uncommon for whole families to spend time together watching a football game or two on a regular basis, especially if they are fans of the same team. Watching these games is a good way for the family to have fun, while also bonding at the same time. Even though these games are often packed with great fun and excitement, many fans take them very seriously since the ultimate goal is for their team to win. Choosing a football team to support is also part of the fun since some of these teams have existed since the early 1900’s, and they usually have long histories of beating their rivals and adding popular players to the team. One such team is the Feyenoord Rotterdam which is based in the Netherlands. With that being said, here’s some information about this team, which starts with giving brief details of the team’s history and some interesting facts about their activities including sponsorships and current events.

History of theFeyenoord fc

Some football teams have been around a long time and they have a long history behind them that tells when and where they first got started and what’s happening with them today. According to numerous reputable resources, Feyenoord Rotterdam was founded in 1908 under another name, which was at that time known as Wilhelmina. Since this time, the name of this football team has a changed a number of different times before becoming Feyenoord Rotterdam. Today, the club that the team was formed out of is considered to be one of the most successful in the Netherlands. This is because Feyenoord FC has won 14 Eredivisie titles, 2 Johan Cruiff Shields and 12 KNVB Cups. It is also noted for playing in the top tier of the Dutch football system on a continual basis. This team has a huge national fan base, and is well known for being the people’s club. It is also important note that Feynoord Rotterdam has had a long standing rivalry over the years with Ajax.

Football Team Sponsorships

When a team does well and has a long winning streak, they tend to receive a lot of notoriety that comes along with more sponsorship. In fact, the better the team does, it causes more sponsors to court them as their favorites for sporting their brands. Meaning this team has done exceptionally well and they have turned the heads of some of the world’s brands in the sports manufacturing industry. As a result of their popularity, they have acquired sponsor ships from Gouden Gids, Opel, HCS, Stad Rotterdam Verzekerigen, Fortis, ASR Nederland, and Diergaarde Blijdorp. All of which have top brand sports gear that everyone loves to wear. So, the team has worn Adidas, Puma, Hummel International, and Kappa shirts. Many of these sponsorship have lasted for at least 3 years on the average. In addition to acquiring sponsor ships from brand name shirt producers, they have also acquired contracts from Kit manufactures too.

Feyenoord FC Current events
Even though the past has been relatively exciting for this football team, the present is also packed with wins and they are constantly in the news with a variety of different events. For instance, Feyenoord is scheduled to play several different opponents in 2016-2017, which includes Ukrainian, Turkish and English opponents.


As previously mentioned, some families enjoy getting together to watch their favorite football teams play to win. Many of these families become advocate fans of the football teams that they support. In the Netherlands, there is one such team that has been around since the early 1900s and they are stlll making the headlines. This team is not only a family favorite, but also well known for being the people’s club on a national basis. This team is also supported with team sponsorship from numerous well known manufacturers of shirts and kits. So, the team members will wear brands like Adidas, Hummel International and Pumas.

It is also important to note that this football team represent the Netherlands very well since they have won many different notable winning seasons. Some of their best accomplishments include the14 Eredivisie titles, 2 Johan Cruiff Shields and 12 KNVB Cups and the fact that they have been consistently in the top tier of Dutch Football system.