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Football: A Simple Guide

Football or Soccer is a sport loved by millions. All around the world, famous football-playing countries would chant and cheer for their own teams. But what makes these crowds go crazy over a sport? To some, football is a lifestyle, a hobby, a passion or for fans, it is a fandom. Truth be told, it is more than players chasing a ball with their feet or kicking a ball towards the opponent’s net. It is a game won by analysis, physical capacities and most importantly, teamwork. But for those with minimal background on the sport, here a few things to kick-start your interest:

The Game

It is a played by two teams with 11 players in each team.
By using only their bodies except for their arms and hands, a team must work the ball all the way to the opponent’s goal. There are two goals present on the field, and each goal is guarded by a goalkeeper. Only the goalkeeper is allowed to touch the ball by hand only when permitted and should be within the penalty area.

The Ball

The ball in play can be called many things: football, soccer ball or association (in the game of association football). It has a black-and-white color scheme, is spherical and has a truncated icosahedral pattern design. According to the rules, a football or soccer ball must weigh between 410 – 450 grams and roughly 22 centimeters (8.65 inches) in diameter – given, that the ball is a regulation size 5 ball. This became the symbol of the game and this design was made popular by Adidas Telstar.

The Steps

The shoes worn for football games are called in many terms, namely: football boots, soccer shoes, or cleats. The shoes made for usage in games conducted in grass pitches have “studs” attached on the outsoles to provide grip for players when in play. Although called “boots”, these shoes no longer cover the player’s ankles. Instead, since the 1960s, it has adapted the sneaker-type of footwear. Some shoes have “blades,” which were designed to provide more grip. But these were soon banned, because they cause injuries to players.

The Field

The area of play is more than just a big patch of grass. It is known as a “football field” or “soccer field.” The pitch can be made by using natural grass or “turf,” or from artificial turf which should be painted green according to the Fédération Internationale de Football Association’s (FIFA) Laws of the Game. The lines present in the pitch defines the state of the ball. If the ball is within these lines, the ball is in play. But if it goes outside the penalty area, this move results in a penalty. Same thing goes with scoring a goal, the ball must go beyond the goal line, which is located in between the goal posts, to be able to score a winning shot.

Whether it’s a holiday in Spain or an Amsterdam city trip, people everywhere love football. Truth be told, anyone would hold their breaths in bars or even in hotel in Amsterdam, just to see if that kick would turn into a goal. And the cheers and happiness would never compare.