How to Know If You are a Die-Hard Fan

football fanFeeling Miserable When All the Tickets are Sold

Football will not be a big industry if it wasn’t for the fans. You make them happen. So, cheer up and gather your best shout to support your best-loved team. Don’t worry if you weren’t able to buy a ticket to join them in the field, there are more ways to send your love. But one way to know if you are a die-hard fan is the feeling of being miserable when failed to buy tickets for the game. It’s all the dilemma of die-hard fans.

They Wear Their Team’s Uniform Everywhere

Wherever you are as long as you’re wearing your favorite team’s uniform, people would know that you are out there giving your relentless support. As long as you can wear it, go for it. For a die-hard fan, it doesn’t matter if they’re in a casino playing poker, they show the people what team they belong. They stand their ground no matter what.

Feeling The Pain of Losing and the Joy of Winning

Die-hard fans are outrageous in cheering their favorite team on every game. If you feel the pain of the players when they lose and feel their overwhelming joy when they win, it is a subtle sign that you are a die-hard fan. Die-hard fans need some comforting when their favorite team lose. They go to the bar and get a bucket of beer or they unwind themselves going to tours like sagrada familia Barcelona. Well, if their favorite team won, they celebrate the night as if they are the one who won the game. Some even host house party that can last for a week.

Their Social Media Accounts Say It All

This is the easiest way to figure out if you are a die-hard fan. Some fans create accounts dedicated to supporting their favorite team as if they are getting paid to do it. If your social media accounts are full of updates about your favorite team and you wouldn't miss out on any, consider yourself one.


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