Do you accept new members?

Yes. We invite everyone to join us. We believe that football fans should not be divided by team. Whoever wins, in the end, it’s a sport that we all love.

How can I request for a topic I want you to cover?

You can make the request by sending us an email through our contact form. We will coordinate with our writers to fulfil your request. You’ll receive an email with the copy of the article before we even publish your request on this site.

Do you update your members with the latest events?

This site is for the ultimate football fans. If you register, you will surely be updated with the latest news and current events of football. We will send you updated stats and scores of the team of your choice.

Do you sell tickets?

Unfortunately, we haven’t reached to that point yet. But stay tuned because we are working it out. For now, you can count on us to deliver you the best places to get offers and discounts, so you can slash the added fees of companies selling them.

Do you have a favourite football team?

Of Course, we do. Members of our team would argue about the best football team in the Netherlands. But we respect each others opinion. Majority of our team members are in favour of Feyenoord.

What other sports do you cover?

As of the moment, we are covering just football. We rather focus on one sport so we could be up to date with the latest happenings and to avoid being overwhelmed at the same time. We love football very much, so we are not ready yet to step out of our home court.