Football Inspirations

Bill Shankly

Mr. Shankly is a legend by right. His team was at the bottom of the rank but Bill Shankly came into the picture. With his burning desire to help this team, he gave his whole best. He came from a poor family where depression dominates their house. He never had a night in dinnercruise amsterdam because they have no money to afford any luxury of life. But he grew up with ambition, he worked hard so he can afford college.

Gary Lineker

If you hate practice and hard work, Mr. Lineker can change that attitude. He is known for developing good co-players to great co-players. He has this coach material effect to his team mates. He inspires them to be the best and never settle. He said, “ For EVERY pass I caught in a game, I caught a THOUSAND in practice.” He is the kind of player who will sacrifice his precious rest in hotels in amsterdam just to have a night full of practice. He claims that consistency on improving is the key to be the best player.


Ruud Gullit

He is a living, walking proof that people’s admiration are fickle. One day, people love you and would shout your name day and night. But there will come a day when you hear nothing of them. He is on this list of football inspirations because he had shown a great character both on the field and outside the field. He had major allegations that almost ruined his career and his personal life. But Peyton is tough as bear. As a former football player, he still continue to support aspiring football players.

Eduardo Galeano

He is known for his famous words, ““Good soccer players need not be titans sculpted by Michelangelo. In soccer, ability is much more important than shape, and in many cases, skill is the art of turning limitations into virtues.”. His story incite valuable lessons in all of us. He was former football player, coach, and executive of the Football league. He loved football so much.

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