Street Football Phenomenon

Football is such a relatable game for anyone who is ready to run their heart out. The football fever reached the streets of different countries in the world. Children from age 7 to 16 are gathering every day so they could practice with their mates. These children rally in the streets under the heat of the sun and play football despite the disagreement of their parents. But kids will be kids. And it’s unfair to blame them for loving this amazing sport. Behind the glamour of this sport, it does have another quality that shapes the world in its simple way.

A community of Football Coaches in Brazil

There is a community of football lovers in Brazil who train children to play football. They don’t discriminate gender. Even young girls can train and play football. These coaches believe that football teaches children to dream big. They are so passionate about these children that they sponsor some of them to play internationally. After each game, they would take these children to amazing yet educating places. One of their favourites is to buy tickets museum Anne Frank and tour the children there. Brazil is improving in all aspects. Their economy, employment rate, and graduates are increasing. We believe that what made these things happen are the small act of kindness by individuals who are spreading hope to their nation.

Children of Africa Football Dream

You may have watched documentary portraying how poor Africa is. But that was a thing of the past. Africa is rising from the ground. Through the help of many nations and Africans’ effort to provide the needs of the people, it’s so lovely to see that development is moving at high speed. They have development in infrastructure similar to Amsterdam city sightseeing bus stops. Along with the development of the cities in Africa, football phenomenon is getting wider as we speak. The children are idolizing great football players of the world which drives them to go out in the street and practice. It’s startling to see that these children can look beyond their situation and dream through football.

Asia’s Football Fever Getting Higher

Asians are starting to embrace football as one of their important sport, though they still keep their traditional sports as their first love. The football fever is getting higher in Asia. Before, you’ll not see any football sports shops when you participate in tours around hong kong. But now, football shops and accessories are everywhere. Children southeast Asia such as the Philippines are getting better at it. We could foresee that many valuable players of football will be coming from Asia.

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