Things You Don’t Know About The History of Football

Football you know used to be different. Let’s go back in time and cherish the history of football. The football sport today has changed radically. It became more formal, guided by rules, and more epic than ever. So, you want to know more about football? Read on.

It Used to Be Savage

Traditional football started began in the 19th Century. There were some traces of football history in medieval times. Based on research, football was being played by towns and villages. It was some form of entertainment even before. Since there were no rules implemented during those times, the game was savage. Players would go home with multiple injuries. It was also common even before for players to fight physically. In rondvaart in Amsterdam, there are stories about folk football and how football used to be. They describe it as uncontrolled and quite barbaric which added to the thrill of people back in those times.

Football was an Inspiration of Other Sports

Today, we have basketball, rugby, soccer, and so on. But before, there was just football. The development of the football sport resulted in new sports. Most of the ballgame you know today were derived from football. The mechanics are different but they have the same characteristics as team play, ball pass, and sportsmanship. Recreational sports venues in Amsterdam dagje weg will show some insights about this.

Corruption Issues

Football was not exempted in the history of corruption. When football is growing to be a major sport, officials stole funds which hindered its growth. One controversy was Switzerland’s Sepp Blatter, he reigned from 1998 to 2015. The political issues divided the people and the media on where should the football money be allocated. Until now, corruption is still happening right under our nose. Many players are not properly being compensated by their agencies and so on. But footballs have so many fans to support its cause. So, corruption will never hinder football for becoming greater as the years go by.

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